Board and Governance Services

Interactive Board Governance Workshops

Our Interactive Board Workshops will help participants develop an understanding of the roles of the Superintendent and Board, establish and reinforce Board protocols and result in a high-performance governance team.

Organizational Audits

Organizational Audits review existing district plans and data, which can identify areas of strengths as well as gaps in both systems and structures. Participants will develop a shared understanding with key stakeholders on implementation strategies and next steps and be able to pinpoint issues of alignment and coherence related to curriculum, instruction, human resources, and finance.

Board/Superintendent Evaluation Service

Board and Superintendent evaluation services will establish and/or refine a procedure for annually evaluating the Superintendent and governance team, develop the criteria to be used in the review process, create operation protocols as a basis for the evaluation and ensure that supportive comments and recommendations are aligned to the mission, vision, and goals of the district.

Conflict Facilitation

Conflict Facilitation support will assist the superintendent to develop strategies for handling conflicts in a sensible, fair and efficient manner. The superintendent will develop a crisis program with tactics to use before, during and after and crisis. Leadership Associates will provide ongoing support and advisement during a crisis with an emphasis on appropriate and thoughtful communication throughout the system.

Superintendent and Cabinet Advisement

Our executive consultants will serve as thinking partners and consultants to both the superintendent and their cabinet, assist in developing a culture that supports high-quality teaching and learning and help generate strategies for leading and navigating change.

Leadership Training

360-degree Feedback Reviews

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